New Acquiring Bank/Parter

Aruba Bank also joins eCommerce services with CX Pay

Aruba Bank is the latest bank to join the many others in the region to be able to acquire eCommerce services with CX Pay. It is the 3rd on Aruba. Next to Vidanova Bank, MCB Group, Scotiabank and CIBC FirstCaribbean, Aruba Bank joins the group of Acquiring partners in the (Dutch Caribbean) which are able acquire a complete solution with CX Pay.

Mentioning the above, it shows the persistent growth of CX Pay and the offering to not only the Dutch Caribbean, but also to the wider Caribbean region, Central and North America and Europe, in which CX Pay is offering its services.


Innovate through e-payments

The advantage of having many acquiring partners (banks) in place, is to assist the merchant with their own bank, which they already have an account with, making the whole process, much easier to complete. 100+ merchants have already found their way to “INNOVATE THROUGH E-PAYMENTS”, being able to offer their services/products to many more, including a more efficient way of receiving payments.


No need to switch bank accounts

Having more Acquiring partners (banks) be compatible or be able to offer services with CX Pay, gives the merchant the opportunity to be able to use their own bank they already have a history with and thrust, to make the next step into the future. Less need to switch banks for an eMerchant account and more merchants have the chance to finally focus on growing their business.

As mentioned before, we have 3 choices of banks for the ones who have a business or structure in Aruba, Aruba Bank, CIBC FirstCaribbean and Caribbean Mercantile Bank.


We will keep you posted

CX Pay will keep you posted on the new partners and acquiring solutions, where we enhance the quality and offering to even more merchants in the region and beyond.

If you need more information email us:

The CX Pay team.