CX Pay 2 Fund Crowdfunding Platform


On behalf of CX Pay, we would like to introduce to you CX Pay 2 Fund Me.

A platform, we can call our own and that can assist many achieve their goals and dreams.

We pushed to bring it up live during these trying moments and hope to have many successful projects and necessities be funded through because of our platform. All put their trust in CX Pay since January 2016 and we answered the many who needed a LOCAL solution with a LOCAL provider to contribute with such a platform in “this neck of the woods”.

We have done our homework and have come with a less expensive solution in the neighborhood. No need to go to the US and/or Europe to fund campaigns. It is easy and free to signup. No monthly cost. Only when you receive funding/donations we have our cost and an admin fee.

Naturally we do our “checks and balances” on the legal side and we provide the processing in a secure way for you and your donators.

All is now for you to start your campaign and start!

(note…..we could not wait any longer to launch, as we are waiting final approval to be able to add 50+ other payment methods to the platform. As soon as these become active, we will just add these to the campaign).

Looking for an online payment solution?