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CX Pay is offering merchants who use specific processors a hardware solution.

The hardware will be shipped to you and then you will be able to program it with your device.

At each unit, you will see the processor which the particular machine is compatible with.

Contact us today, to discuss which machine you are interested in, or ask any question and/or concern you may have.

Powerful and flexible, this mobile reader wirelessly connects to your favorite devices to process contactless, chip and swiped payments. It can even stick to the back of phones or tablets. *Return policy below

  • EMV Capable: YES
  • Magnetic Swipe: YES
  • PC/Phone Powered: NO
  • Outlet Powered: YES
  • Desktop: NO
  • Mobile: YES

Purchase  at $114.99 per device**

Processors: TSYS, Elavon

Versatile and reliable, this reader allows merchants to take contactless, chip, swipe and keyed transactions all from one device.

  1. EMV Capable: YES
  2. Magnetic Swipe: YES
  3. PC/Phone Powered: NO
  4. Outlet Powered: YES
  5. Desktop: YES
  6. Mobile: NO

Purchase  at $399.99 per 

Processors: TSYS, Elavon, First Data Rapid Connect FE: Nashville BE: North/Omaha/South Host Capture, First Data Rapid Connect FE: Nashville BE: North Terminal Capture, First Data Rapid Connect FE: Cardnet BE: North Terminal Capture, Chase Paymentech NetConnect, Wold Pay Host Capture

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